Handmade Wreaths at Fresh & Fancy Farms!

It's such a wonderful time of year. Yes, it's chilly and the sun may vanish for days, still everything seems a bit cheerier. People are getting into the Christmas season with kind gestures and warm smiles. And did we mention we have Christmas tunes playing all day? No, we're not sick of them yet...and we're not sure we ever will be. One of the many reasons we love this time on the farm is because we get to create wreaths by hand. They are made with love and no two are the same! We feature unique styles and mixed greens to help brighten your holiday season and your front door. We even create wreaths that are perfect for indoors (like the eucalyptus & hydrangea). So whether you need one for your front door or as a gift, stop by today and see us! We will even give you 15% off if you mention this post...because we like you!

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Holiday Decorating Service Now at Fresh & Fancy Farms!

We have exciting news! We now offer holiday decorating services. Do you want wreathes on all of your windows? Lights? Holiday garland?  Email us and speak with one of our Design Specialists today! How it works:

  1. A Specialist visits your home for a free design estimate.
  2. We prepare a design contract specifically for your space.
  3. We get to work! All of our wreathes, garland and decor are handmade.
  4. You ENJOY the season!

Check out some holiday decor photos below - if you dream it we can execute it!

What we offer:


  • Wreath creation and placement
  • Garland design and installation
  • Tree lighting
  • Full porch design - entrance trees, railings, front door, etc.
  • Have questions? ASK!


  • Tree lighting and design
  • Window lighting
  • Indoor garland
  • Mantel design
  • Table design
  • Have questions? ASK!

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Crafts & Costumes!

Fall is such a magical time on the farm. The pumpkins, the mums, the crisp air, it's all just wonderful. But when you have visitors dressed up and excited about arts & crafts...that's when the real magic begins! This past weekend, we had fall arts & crafts on the farm. All of our little fresh & fancy visitors were dressed proudly in their Halloween costumes as they pranced along the fall flowers and through the pumpkin patch.

We hope to see more costumes on Halloween! We welcome all trick-or-treaters!

Stop, slow down, and take it all in! Happy Fall!

Pot a plant for Mom!

Join us this Sunday and kids can pot a plant for Mom, for free! Handmade gifts are the most thoughtful and fun! Plus, we can guarantee Mom will love some flowers that will last. If you're looking for more gifts for mom, grandma or your hostess we have plenty. From hanging baskets to rose bushes. Hope to see you soon!

Happy Mother's Day!


Fresh & Fancy Farms

Life in the Greenhouse

Spring is right around the corner. And in growing, every day, drop and degree matters! So a lot of our time now will be spent taking care of our tiny plants in the greenhouse. We will be sure to feed them the right amount of water and make sure they are at the temperature that makes them happy! Some plants (like marigolds) are hardier so being in slightly cooler temperature doesn't bother them unlike other plants that may freeze. 

Recently we planted hundreds of tiny plugs into larger plots so they can start spreading their roots! Below are some photos of the little guys from lavender to apple mint. Stay tuned for updates...here's to a happy spring! Enjoy!

ImageImageImageImage Image

Celebrate Food Day

We’re all busy, which means sometimes meals become a quick scarf and go. From soccer practice, term papers to overtime at the office, local home cooked meals seem to be at the bottom of the list.

Today is Food Day. A day to take some time and think about the food that you put into your body day in and day out. Is it homemade and locally grown or microwaved and imported?

The goal of Food Day is to push for healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way. We’re not the preachy type we promise, we just want to share this awesome day with you and encourage you to make a home cooked family meal together! So take the time to know where your food is coming from because it’s like moms say, “You are what you eat.”

Here are our 3 suggestions for celebrating Food Day:

  1. Visit a local farmers market. Here is a list of farmers markets in Bergen County.
  2. When you’re at the food store make an effort to see where your produce comes from. The closer to you the better.
  3. Cook at home with the family! Get everyone involved to mix, mash, cut or stir!

If you have any great family recipes or photos we would love to see them! Use the comments section below. Or you can always reach us on Facebook, Twitter or shoot us an email.

10% off this weekend only!

Come visit us at the farm and receive 10% off your entire order this weekend only. We have mums in a multitude of colors and the hardiest pansies in town! Also, don't forget if you have any containers you need help planting or designing we would be happy to help! Bring your container or just give us your best description and we will make it happen. For updates, check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.




3 Tips on Growing the Fanciest Tomatoes in Town!

Meg is preparing the garden as we enjoy beautiful string beans, tomatoes and peppers. All while we anxiously await our corn and pumpkins in anticipation of our first annual Fall-Fest! Here are three of our top tips on raising tomatoes:

1. Clear all stem growths from the base of the soil. These can increase the chances of bacteria infesting the plant. Plus, if you have nice stems you should always show them off!

2. If the top of your soil appears dry it's in need of it's very own happy hour, so make your plant happy and water, water, WATER! Note: if the leaves of your plant are appearing yellow, lay off the water temporarily.

3. Prune your plant. Keep all unhealthy looking stems and leaves off the plant. Also, continue to remove all greens that are close to the root (even if they look great, it's tough love but your plant will thank you in the end). If you're plant produces too many beautiful tomatoes (which we have confidence it will) one word...SALSA!

Last but not least, BONUS...Enjoy New Jersey Tomatoes!

Fresh Flowers & Fancy Champagne for Opening Weekend

Okay so the champagne wasn't flowing all day but it certainty felt that way. There was a wave of energy in the air like the tiny bubbles that dance to the surface of a shiny champagne flute. We had so many smiling visitors happy to see that Klinger's Farm was open and ready to continue the tradition and keep the memories coming. So thank you so very much for joining us and for the smiles you brought with you. In honor of Mother's Day we welcomed anyone from children to adults to pot their own plant for mom paired with a personalized note. The participation was great! We will always have something to help you get your hands dirty, you want arts and crafts? planting? weeding? Come visit Fresh & Fancy Farms.

Another quick thing we wanted to note, don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter!



Here are a few photos from opening weekend.  Have an idea? Want to have a picnic on the farm, come on down, relax and smell the flowers! We would love to hear what you think, post a comment below.

3 Days Until Fresh & Fancy Fully Blooms!

3 days until Fresh and Fancy Debuts! Wow. This all happened so quickly or at least it feels that way, we are all so excited to welcome friends and new faces to the farm this coming Saturday, May 7th. We will be open from 8am - 5pm and on Sunday to honor all of the Mother's out there from 10am - 3pm.

If you are wondering what you can expect, the one thing we can guarantee are smiles, we really are a happy bunch! So if you are in the market for laughs, seeing old friends and making new ones, we are the farm for you or if you're in the market for some fresh and fancy items we offer those too!

A few of the items we will have for sale this weekend include, an array of flowers, shrubs, trees, fruits, vegetables, herbs, soil and mulch. Also, please join us and pot your own plant for mom! This will be fun to do with Mom or to bring it home for her!

If you have any questions please leave us a comment of shoot us an email, freshandfancyfarms@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday to help us celebrate this fresh & fancy new adventure and more importantly to celebrate MOM, because we know with out ours, our smiles wouldn't be half as bright!

Spring Inspirations for In & Outdoor Living

Adventure: Terrain at Styers - Glen Mills, PA An Anthropologie groupie. I suppose that's how I would best describe my fancy love affair with the boho chic stomping ground. So after finding out that Anthro had a fresh sibling a few hours south, I jumped at the chance to visit.

Mike and I requested the day off and we headed to Glen Mills, PA ona sunny Friday in March.

Terrain is located on the corner of a busy street surrounded by target, tjmaxx and the likes. After pulling into the parking lot the outside world is lost and you will find yourself transformed into a new one. A world filled with tiny flowers, hanging terrains, wooden floors, fresh salads and dainty soaps dressed to the nines.

We entered through rows of flowers and fresh plants; made our way to vintage garden tools and comfortably warn in benches to the café for some fresh locally grown creations and some fancy iced tea.

Following lunch we headed to the store which was home to jewelry, jam, lanterns, pots, flowers and an army of items fit for an adventure in the kitchen.

Fresh Beets: Listen to the "Almost Famous" soundtrack it will bring out that inner groupie in you.

A Fresh Look at Klinger's Farm

FRESH: Well here it is. The start to a new adventure in modern farming. Modern "Family" Farming that is! After all this is a family adventure - a one for all, all for one, kind of deal. After recently purchasing a farm in New Jersey, we are excited about the endless possibilities the land has to offer. This blog is also a new adventure where we will post our whereabouts, ideas, dreams and plans. We look forward to getting your feedback as we bring Klinger's Farm into its 98th year in New Milford, NJ.

FANCY: i can imagine green grass and scattered wild flowers dancing in a warm breeze along a toasty greenhouse overflowing with flowers, fruits and veggies.

the crisp red barn will be smoothed and lathered with a fresh coat of red paint. a waterwheel will rest along its side dipping into the stream again and again to stay cool.

music from another era is echoing in the background bringing back distant memories for all who visit and making new ones for the young puddle jumpers and pumpkin carvers.