3 Tips on Growing the Fanciest Tomatoes in Town!

Meg is preparing the garden as we enjoy beautiful string beans, tomatoes and peppers. All while we anxiously await our corn and pumpkins in anticipation of our first annual Fall-Fest! Here are three of our top tips on raising tomatoes:

1. Clear all stem growths from the base of the soil. These can increase the chances of bacteria infesting the plant. Plus, if you have nice stems you should always show them off!

2. If the top of your soil appears dry it's in need of it's very own happy hour, so make your plant happy and water, water, WATER! Note: if the leaves of your plant are appearing yellow, lay off the water temporarily.

3. Prune your plant. Keep all unhealthy looking stems and leaves off the plant. Also, continue to remove all greens that are close to the root (even if they look great, it's tough love but your plant will thank you in the end). If you're plant produces too many beautiful tomatoes (which we have confidence it will) one word...SALSA!

Last but not least, BONUS...Enjoy New Jersey Tomatoes!