Planting Bulbs with the Springboard Program!

Each week the Bergen County Springboard program visits us. They are an awesome group of kids! Today we planted a variety of fall bulbs, daffodils , tulips, muscari, crocus and more! Can't wait to see these beauties pop up in the spring! If you have a group that wants to visit we would love to have them, feel free to contact us today!



End of summer sale!

We're sad summer is coming to an end too...but to cheer you up we are having a SALE! Visit us today for our end of summer sale, we would love to see your smiling faces! Plus, it's the perfect time to plant perennials, tree and shrubs!  

hello summer

July is almost over. I know, we're shocked too. Our vegetable field is growing more and more by the day and producing beautiful, pumpkins, corn, eggplant, tomatoes (oh so many tomatoes), peppers & more. Many of our flowers are still going strong despite all the heat! Here are some photos, enjoy!


Farmer's Market

For the past two weeks we joined Dumont farmer market. It was our first farmers market and well...we were excited! We offered fresh cut flowers, fresh cut herbs, herb plants, perennials, succulents and more! It was great to meet fellow vendors and see new smiling customers each week. We will be returning back to the farm, so come visit us on River Road! Just look for the little yellow house!

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Tuesday's Dirt: Herbs & Rain

The sun has been hiding, the rain has been falling and we don't mind. The flowers are happy and our field of tomatoes won't need a drink for a week or so after today! When it rains it's quiet on the farm. People are busy at work or snuggled in their homes. So it give us time to visit all of our plants and say hello. A little pruning here, a transplant there and a deep breathe. We have been planting herbs in pots, perfect for the back deck or patio. The fragrance of fresh herbs make us smile. Cilantro, chives, parsley, sage, rosemary, lemon thyme, mint, pineapple sage, oregano and more. They are all unique and can add life to your favorite dish, drink or cup of tea. So visit us for all your flowers, shrubs, trees and vegetables...but don't forget your herbs!

Happy "Plant A Flower Day"

It's "Plant a flower day" and planting a flower or appreciating one seems like the perfect thing to do on this toasty Monday. Below is a collection of vintage seed packets we fancy. They feel royal, untouchable. We imagine in 1866 to get your hands on one of these packets was like magic. Although, we imagine that's exactly how we would feel if someone handed us them today. Plant a flower. It doesn't have to be today or tomorrow - but sometime this spring. Plant it, water it and soon you will be the guardian of something delicate and beautiful.

Won't You Be My, Honey Bee?

There is something so mysterious and lovely about the beautiful little creatures that call Fresh & Fancy home. They go about their day visiting brightly colored flowers and avoiding the frightened passer by. This is a short film featuring some of our famous little friends from the bumblebee to the butterfly. Enjoy! [vimeo w=500&h=281]

bee friends from Fresh & Fancy Farms on Vimeo.

Hooray! Today is the Fresh & Fancy Fall Festival!

The 1st Annual Fresh & Fancy Fall Festival is here...Hooray! It's such an exciting day for us at Fresh & Fancy Farms. We are celebrating fall and inviting all of our friends, family and the local community to do it with us. The more the merrier, that's (one) of our mottos!

Excited, early morning texts have been rolling in from my favorite sister Kadie. Love it! If you're excited for today's crafts, she's the pretty and crafty gal to thank! Did we mention Brian is making the trip home from school just to celebrate with us, college boy & his lovely lady, Grace, can't get enough of the farm and who can blame them! Tim we're excited you're joining us too (obviously)!

Balloons, top hats, face painting, arts, crafts, cider, popcorn & more - did we mention this is all on the house! From us to you, because well...we like you!

This is not your typical fall festival and that's the way we like it! Hope to see you today on the farm, and if not today soon! Happy Day.

Peace & Love,

Fresh & Fancy Farms

Home Grown Bouquet

Now is a great time to clip some of the flowers that remain in your backyard, front yard and garden to enjoy indoors. Take a walk around your property with some garden clippers or scissors (regular scissors will do the trick). And trim flowers and any other foliage that makes you happy. Once you gather it trim off dead or excess leaves. Grab a vase that will fit your new flowerly friends, fill it with water and enjoy! Our latest bouquet included, roses, hydrangeas and mint. All items you can pick up at Fresh & Fancy Farms to grow on your own!

We've Got Mums!

Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms.  -Joe Fox from "You've Got Mail" (aka Tom Hanks) There is something so lively and crisp about the fall. From the colors to the cool days we can't seem to get enough. This fall we encourage you to enjoy all of mother nature's true colors before the days slowly begin to freeze and snow covers the ground. If you're looking for some more color in your life, visit us at Fresh & Fancy Farms, for some happy & vibrant mums!

Other fall planting we have include, winter pansies and colorful asters. If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments sections below or check us out onFacebook. 

3 Things to Enjoy Before the Leaves Begin to Change

Summer is winding down and we are headed straight for fall. But before we get ourselves too excited about crisp pumpkins and colorful mums we are going to enjoy what’s left of the world’s warmest season. Here are three things we are going to hold onto before the leaves begin to change. 1. Fresh herbs  One of our favorite things is to grow fresh herbs. Sage, rosemary, basil, oregano, you name it we grow it. If you have enough space indoors for colder months, bring your herbs indoors. If not, dry them and use them for your fall and winter cooking. Later this month we will have an herb drying “how to” so stay tuned.

2. Homegrown vegetables It’s about that time when your vegetables are in their prime! Six cucumbers here, 12 tomatoes there, you have an over abundance and soon it will be winding down so enjoy them! There is nothing more exciting than harvesting homegrown vegetables so don’t let anything go to waste, jar some salsa or pickle those cucumbers!

3. Final blooms Currently at the farm we are offering our hanging baskets for $10. Yes, we said it, $10 buckaroos! The flowers are still blooming and are sure to brighten any yard. Don’t take those final annual blooms for granted. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flowers!

Friends & Family on Fresh & Fancy Farms!

What would we do without the support from friends and family...yea, I don't know either. We just wanted to send out a special thank you to everyone that has been working their tails off to make this possible. Below there are a small snippet of photos. We will get some more up soon & make sure we recognize all of you for your hard work, support and of course your smiles. Today was another long day but we got a lot accomplished for opening day which is TOMORROW, May 7th from 8am - 5pm. Please stop by to say hello, and pick up some floral sunshine and other items to liven up your living space. Also, one of my favorite things we have are the veggies & herbs! Be still my heart the basil smells a little something like I would imagine heaven would smell like. And you can plant it outside in the garden or keep it potted inside ready to be plucked for your next homemade pizza or pesto!

Oh & if you're not into cooking and want something to just look pretty  on your desk at work, in kitchen, or simply to make Mom happy on Mother's Day, we have "Lucky Penny Petunias"©

Below see tea cups loaded with a petunia that sits in soil proudly on top of  a very lucky penny.

So one more time, THANK YOU! Thank you all for your hard work we love you guys. We look forward to seeing all of our family and friends along with new faces this Mother's Day weekend!

Mulching & can't have everything!

it has been a long day of planting, watering, cleaning, moving, pruning, mulching and potting. i’m tired. we all are. but it feels good. like the new adventure is beginning. my hands feel rough and thirsty they are the hands of a worker lacking a fresh manicure and a lovely layer of moisturizer. farming isn’t easy but watching your fresh flowers bloom and catching the fresh smell of basil at the tip of your nose make it all worth while.

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Brighten your desk and possibly your day

Adventure: Florisity on 19th Street near 5th Avenue. As I walk into this fancy florist, I suddenly feel underdressed. Like a tourist in a gothic church, all I was missing was a fanny pack and a family of four.

The room quiet and open with slate colored walls stretched into the cathedral ceilings. Unique vases, pots, statues and scattered flowers filled the room. I want to see more flowers, because you can never have enough flowers, but the flowers here are hand picked, specially selected with a vision in mind. I walked in to find something springy and fun for Elana and walked out with a mini family of flowers in a square vase guaranteed to cheer up any desk on a dreary day.

"Operated by the very same creative and artistic team as the legendary Takashimaya Floral, Floristy has gained the reputation as New York's premier floral atelier, specializing in exceptional daily flowers, weddings and corporate events. Floristry's renowned 2000 square foot gallery is also used to house private events, exhibitions and floral arranging classes. The floral artistry behind the gallery's peerless talent lies with its international staff that create a combination of tastes varying from modern and classic to avant-garde." - Florisity

ps I even took a post tourist