Brighten your desk and possibly your day

Adventure: Florisity on 19th Street near 5th Avenue. As I walk into this fancy florist, I suddenly feel underdressed. Like a tourist in a gothic church, all I was missing was a fanny pack and a family of four.

The room quiet and open with slate colored walls stretched into the cathedral ceilings. Unique vases, pots, statues and scattered flowers filled the room. I want to see more flowers, because you can never have enough flowers, but the flowers here are hand picked, specially selected with a vision in mind. I walked in to find something springy and fun for Elana and walked out with a mini family of flowers in a square vase guaranteed to cheer up any desk on a dreary day.

"Operated by the very same creative and artistic team as the legendary Takashimaya Floral, Floristy has gained the reputation as New York's premier floral atelier, specializing in exceptional daily flowers, weddings and corporate events. Floristry's renowned 2000 square foot gallery is also used to house private events, exhibitions and floral arranging classes. The floral artistry behind the gallery's peerless talent lies with its international staff that create a combination of tastes varying from modern and classic to avant-garde." - Florisity

ps I even took a post tourist