Friends & Family on Fresh & Fancy Farms!

What would we do without the support from friends and family...yea, I don't know either. We just wanted to send out a special thank you to everyone that has been working their tails off to make this possible. Below there are a small snippet of photos. We will get some more up soon & make sure we recognize all of you for your hard work, support and of course your smiles. Today was another long day but we got a lot accomplished for opening day which is TOMORROW, May 7th from 8am - 5pm. Please stop by to say hello, and pick up some floral sunshine and other items to liven up your living space. Also, one of my favorite things we have are the veggies & herbs! Be still my heart the basil smells a little something like I would imagine heaven would smell like. And you can plant it outside in the garden or keep it potted inside ready to be plucked for your next homemade pizza or pesto!

Oh & if you're not into cooking and want something to just look pretty  on your desk at work, in kitchen, or simply to make Mom happy on Mother's Day, we have "Lucky Penny Petunias"©

Below see tea cups loaded with a petunia that sits in soil proudly on top of  a very lucky penny.

So one more time, THANK YOU! Thank you all for your hard work we love you guys. We look forward to seeing all of our family and friends along with new faces this Mother's Day weekend!