Have your next class trip at Fresh & Fancy Farms. All class trips are created uniquely for your students. We create a special itinerary that can reinforced what they are learning in the classroom or explore something new! Whether it's learning about the life of a plant, our planet, how a farm operates or how to eat healthy. All of our activities are hands on, unique and fun learning experiences. Join us all year for seasonal class trip adventures at a local farm!

Class Trip Examples:  

  • WINTER: Seasonal and holiday wreath making 
  • SPRING: Paint and plant a pot - students will learn how to transplant, pot and maintain plants. 
  • SUMMER: How to harvest vegetables from the garden and make a meal with them in the kitchen. 
  • FALL: Pick and paint a pumpkin, removing pumpkin seeds and how to cook using fresh pumpkin

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All activities fall into four main sessions. In the Garden, In the Kitchen, In the Craft Room and In the Classroom.

In the Garden 
Students will learn how to plant seeds, transplant, weed, water, prune, harvest and maintain a garden.

In the Kitchen 
Students will learn how to prepare snacks and meals from homegrown herbs and vegetables.

In the Craft Room
Students will have the opportunity to get creative re-purposing household items.

In the Classroom
Students will get a hands on experience in the garden. The classroom will give them the opportunity to review what they learned about environmentally safe options for the garden.