Fresh & Fancy Farms Birthday Parties are fun and educational. The birthday boy or girl and friends will have the opportunity to learn about starting and maintaining a vegetable garden, farm-to-table eating, how a farm works and why they are  important. 


All birthday parties are created uniquely for the birthday boy or girl. Activities include: In the Garden, In the Kitchen, In the Craft Room and In the Classroom. 

In the Garden

Learn how to plant seeds, transplant, weed, water, prune, harvest and maintain a garden. 

In the Kitchen 

Learn how to prepare snacks and meals from homegrown herbs and vegetables. 

In the Craft Room

Get creative re-purposing household items and creating crafty treasures. 

In the Classroom

Get a hands on experience in the garden. The classroom will give them the opportunity to review what they learned and about             environmentally safe options for the garden.

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Scavenger Hunt

Learn about what is on the farm by going on a hunt! We divide the party into teams and all teams receive a prize at the end. 

Paint a Pot 

Paint a USA Made clay pot and enjoy another activity while it dries. Pot a flower or herb of your choice in your newly designed pot. 


We can develop any craft depending on the season and what the birthday boy or girl wants!

Kitchen Fun 

Learn how to make salsa, jam, tea and more! All kitchen activities are based on the season and age group. 

2 hours on the on the farm. And a take-away from each session selected.

For example:

  • In the Garden - a plant 
  • In the Kitchen - a jar of homemade salsa 
  • In the Craft Room - a handmade craft
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